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>> Friday, May 7, 2010

Quel nightmare. Let's breakdown the drama that was this dress. Well now that I think of it there was only one thing that really made this a) turn out looking like a Home Ec project and b) so not fun to make. Sewing normally bring me a sense of happiness. It gives me a chance to release some frustrations, tune out some of the things around me and tune in some creativity.


Totally and completely my fault. I picked a nightmare fabric. When I tell you what kind of fabric I chose there is a chance you won't read this anymore because if you have ever felt fabric you know that a polyester linen-look, is probably the worst idea ever, if you sew you have probably closed your laptop in disgust.

It just spoke to me, like "Hello I am a bolt of this fabic, don't I look exactly like what the girl is wearing on the cover? Doesn't it say that linens and polyester would be appropriate? Wasn't everything in 1969 made out of something like this? Ooh look at my tag, I am 50% off and so is my matching friend over there. Buy us!" So I totally did. And I totally shouldn't have.

What resulted was a project I just wanted over so I could move on to the next one. Which is what I will do now. Goodbye dress with cape.

(wow that is not a very arm flattering photo. so glad this dress is done.)


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