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>> Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Now that Halloween is over I had a chance to make a dress. I was pretty excited to try something a little different so I chose a decade I haven't worked in yet - the 1940's.

The pattern is from 1948. While I am trying to make sleeved items, since it is almost winter and all, I had to chose the shorter sleeved version of this dress. With the shorter sleeves there is a chance I will wear it. Honestly, as I was assembling it I made a mental note that it looked it's best with no sleeves at all and I will need to revisit it this summer.

Another thing that I skipped with this dress - shoulder pads. I know they were huge (he he he) in the 40's but, I am short, like really, really short. They make me look like a box with ankles. I was worried, however, that the shoulders would slump really badly without them but, actually they turned out great. I am not sure where you would have fit the pads in.

Without further ado -

The pattern -

The front -

The back -

My first Victory Rolls. Not perfect by far but, yay for trying new things -

And yes that is the same belt seen here and here. I love that belt. Skinny white belts for everyone!


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