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>> Thursday, September 30, 2010

I was doing my bi-monthly Paws-n-Claws (a local thrift store) cruise when I came across the find to end all finds.

That's right an half finished vintage apron!! The embroidery hoop was still attached!!!

I imagine the wonderful woman died, probably in some very bittersweet way, before she could finish it,  (there could be a more boring store that involves arthritis but I am romantic) and now it is my duty to make sure this apron is finished and loved!

Details -

***** Remember when I used to sew dresses?! I still do!! Watch for next week, I have a pattern from across the pond.*****


crochet passé mccall's style

>> Monday, September 13, 2010

My Aunt found an awesome book of crochet patterns at an Estate Sale. I think she even scored it for free!! The copyright dates range from1956 - 1970. So awesome.

I was going to crochet up a poncho for myself but I got a little bored with it and made it for Cora instead. I also skipped the fringe. If I ever get quick enough to make one for myself I am totally not skipping the fringe. It is just so cheesy. I love it.

The book -

The original pattern - 

The finished product -

Yeah, I am pretty sure I need make one of these for myself. It is just so silly and cute. 


butterick 6492

>> Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall is here. Well, not officially, but it has hit the PNW, so a cardigan seemed appropriate. I had a little trouble with sizing this one. I took in the bust but I also took in the waist which was a mistake. The button holes also gave me hell, which sort of surprised me. So the fact that they are crooked was a little upsetting.

Truth be told, I will not be wearing the adorable cardigan much. It is so tight in the waist that I had to wear a corset to get it on. That is why you can't see my face in these pics....it was turning blue.

The pattern (c.1953) -

Front -

Back - 

I love the sleeve detail -

And to prove that it is a functional piece of clothing - 

Not too bad for my first time working with this fabric. I actually really enjoyed this little project and learned a few things for next time.


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