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>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The lemon skirt is done.

I pulled an awful face when I made the pictures trying to "pucker". 

It sums up this skirt. If you glance quickly - cute. If you look closely - disaster.

It shouldn't have been hard. It was an ridiulously easy pattern. I did a great job (for me) on the invisible zipper. The fabric is super cute. I had 3 yards and I used it all. That is how many times I screwed up the waist band. It was just the waist band!!! The problem is the size was for a 25" waist. Does anybody even have a waist that small?!? Don't answer. Really easy to make it bigger because skirt is 6 pieces. I just narrowed my seams. But the waist band was a total nightmare. I should have graded it like a good girl but instead I went ahead and just made it bigger and figured I would trim down as I go. How hard can it be? Screwed it up the first time. The second time I did the pattern upside down, so the print went the wrong way. By the third time I was heading into week two on a two hour project...I finished it. But that is really all I can say.

Let's look at some hokey pictures, shall we.

The Pattern -

I really didn't intend to flip the bird in this picture. Honestly, it was just in my heart so much that it snuck right out there.
Notice how the waistband separates on the left? Yeah, not supposed to do that.

And last but not least, "the face" I look like a man!! I know we live in the time of digital photography and I could just take a better one. But it seriously fits this stupid skirt so perfectly, I have to keep it.

I have lemons and I am going to put them in a delicious hefeweizen. The cute belt was purchased at Urban Eccentric.


Anonymous,  August 25, 2010 at 4:26 PM  

Dart it baby and no one will be the wiser!

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