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>> Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This year I decided to go as someone from the future. If you haven't seen with the show Futurama, you may not recognize that I am member of the crew aboard the Nimbus. Yeah, you know, even if you have seen the show, that might be a bit to ask. Nerd Alert!

What was so fun about this is I took this amazing vintage velour dress and made it into my costume from the future.

It wasn't quite as straight forward as just shortening the dress. They had significantly different necklines so that wasn't an option. Instead I cut off the sleeves, cut off the top of dress, and then remade the neckline and armholes. I added little yellow wings to the shoulders. Which was quite a pain and I should have used stiffer interfacing. The gloves were going to be tricky. A) I have never sewn gloves before and B) these were a tricky design as they are supposed to not touch your arms and they are at an angle.

So here is Zapp Brannigan - He is the Captain (notice the patch on his arm and the stripes on his shoulders)

Here is Francine.

So I went with no stripes or patches and came up with a pretty good idea for my gloves.

Before - I actually felt kinda bad cutting up a floor length dress like this.

Cutting off the sleeves.

For the gloves I took these beautiful vintage gloves and wore them under some flannel "sleeves" I created.

The finish product!


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