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>> Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I recently started hookin'.

Okay it is an old and well used crocheting joke but it makes me laugh every time. Hooker. Hooking. It's funny.

I was going through my Sister-in-laws stash of knitting books and found one that has both knitting and crocheting in it. It isn't vintage (I do have a few vintage crocheting books around) but it caught my eye because all the project only require one skein of yarn. I was up for something different to get back in to the swing of things after lounging in Las Vegas and this looked easy. 

Easy. Hooker. Vegas. I know one blogger who is going to hell.

I picked this little clutch because it is going to totally go with all my vintage ensembles. I chose white because I have this ridiculously huge ball of cheapo white yarn. I sort of consider it my muslin. I do trial runs with it. Only if I like the project will I cough up the dough for something fancy.

It sort of looks like a snail. There is a zipper closure, which didn't turn out perfectly but since I didn't have to rip it out, I consider it a success.

Fun! I think I will make another from this cute little book - One Skien: 30 Quick Projects To Knit Or Crochet.


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